Documentary film, 2006 – 67 minutes – Video, colour

Original version: French / Swiss dialect, with French or German subtitles
(without English subtitles until now)

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www.artfilm.ch or www.swissdvdshop.ch (with Bonus, film FIRE, SMOKE, SAUSAGES, 22 minutes, 1976)
Scriptwriter and director Lucienne Lanaz
Assistant Ursula Lehmann
Camera Hans-Toni Aschwanden, Eleonore Dubulluit, Lucienne Lanaz, Christine Wipf
Sound Dieter Meier
Stills “banneret”Wisard Ursula Lehmann
Archéologie Nadja Frey
Editing Lucienne Lanaz, Charles D. Fischer
Music Crumhorns “Piffaro”
Mixing Rolf Büttikofer
Postproduction TVF Genève, Zone 33 Berne
Graphic Mary-Jo Fahrny

With the kind participation of: Marie-Louise Gossin, organ grinder.

Jacky Lagger, happy musician; Ernest Grossenbacher and Pierre Fleury, accordionists; Rosemarie Maeder, zither; Judith Bessire Schenk and Jeannette Kessi, story-tellers; “La Persévérance”, brass band of Grandval; Claude Sauthier, accordionist; Jacqueline Strahm, singer.

The house “banneret Wisard”, built in 1535, is one of the most ancient dwellings in the Bernese Jura and has been listed as a historic monument of national importance. The association “la maison du Banneret Wisard” was started by a group of enthusiasts in 1990. It has committed itself, together with the Bernese heritage league, to restore the old building, while keeping to its distinctive architecture, and to ensure the upkeep, revive the kitchen cum smoke room, the bread oven, living quarters, the barn and surroundings.

The film is like a kaleidoscope of pictures relating the up and downs of this unusual house during its renovation. It touches on the various activities and events taking place today and gives space to the privileged participants in this adventure, including a wink to the last inhabitant, Fritz Marti, who talks about his simple life.

The way personal emotions are expressed at the core of the document, speaks for itself. The elderly, a little nostalgic: The voluntary workers, proud of the work accomplished: The crafts people, touched to rediscover their knowledge of old working methods: Those of surprised youngsters discovering their astounding heritage.