Documentary film, 1992 – 14 minutes – 16 mm, color

Original version: Songs and sounds (without words)
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Scriptwriter and director Lucienne Lanaz
Camera Robert Millié
Sound Eric Vaucher
Assistant / translator Raili Kallavus
Editing Zoë Durouchoux
Coordination Eric Ouvrard
Titles Ernest Ansorge

With the participation of Jekaterina (Kati) Lemmo and the “Leiko” group of the Setu women singers of Viirska, Estonia.


Set in the forest, a clearing and a lake, sheltered by a screen of pale birch trees and sombre firs and pines, the husky voice of Kati, an old woman, rises in vibrant song. Soon the “Leiko” group of the Setu women singers takes up the melody, their voices blending with hers in one of the oldest polyphonic Estonian folksongs. The heavy silver jewellery adorn¬ing their colourful costumes glints in the sun. When evening comes, Kati goes home, takes off her rib¬bons, her complicated headdress and her jewellery and lays them carefully away until the next festival.