Experimental documentary film, 2002 13 minutes
Video DV, transfer 16 mm, color

Original version: music, without words

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Scriptwriter and director Lucienne Lanaz
Editing Christine Wipf
Original music Pierre Eggimann
Camera Lucienne Lanaz, Christine Wipf, Willy Schild
Stills JUrsula Lehmann
Editing Lucienne Lanaz
Ch. Derengnaucourt-Fischer
Graphics Mary-Jo Fahrny
Postproduction TVF, Genève
Zone 33, Berne
Romed Wyder
With the participation of craftsmen and labourers from Moutier, Switzerland and surroundings.


“La Ruine du Moujik” is an old farm house from 1590, in the Bernese Jura, which is being renovated and transformed inside.

During two years the camera observed the work carried out by craftsmen and labourers on site. The collected images, once edited, become delirious, humoristic, worrying and poetic. An experimental documentary showing a feminine and unusual perception of a building site, giving a different dimension to men’s labour and their machinery.

A film where music and the sound of the building site replace the spoken word.