Documentary film, 1978/79 – 17 minutes – 16 mm, colour

Original version: French (without English subtitles)
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Scriptwriter and director Lucienne Lanaz
Co-scriptwriter Gérard Huther
Camera Hans-Toni Aschwanden
Sound Stephan Knecht
Lighting Marcel Schüpbach
Editing Zoë Durouchoux
Music Gérard Huther
Salim Orgül
Text Gérard Huther, years old

With the collaboration of Gérard Huther and his friends.


Gérard is a 16 year old youngster and has to write an essay. He chooses the theme «my deep thoughts».
While he is writing and rereading his essay, it is shown how he lives outside his family surroundings, as a privileged youngster, with his friends.
These shots are interrupted by a few pictures illustrating his deep thoughts. The film shows the contrast existing between the thoughts of a young man and his every-day life.