Documentary film, 1974 – 24 minutes – 16 mm, magnetic sound, black/white

Original versions: French or German (without English subtitles)
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Idea Lucienne Lanaz
Scriptwriter Marcel Leiser
Directors Marcel Leiser, Lucienne Lanaz
Camera, sound, editing Marcel Leiser
Production manager Ernst Schillig
Music François Gaudard

For Yrène, life starts again at 50. She divorces, goes to work in a factory, finds herself alone once more. At 60 she finds a job as a housekeeper with an old civil servant who marries her. He dies leaving her an apartment in a quiet house in Berne. At 70, lightning strikes: she sees Raoul again – a childhood friend that she has not met for 50 years. Love, happiness, walks: they end their days together.