Documentary film, 1978/79 – 34 minutes – 16mm, colour

Original version: French with German subtitles (without English subtitles)
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Scriptwriter and director Lucienne Lanaz
Protagonist Gody Barth
Camera Hans-Toni Aschwanden
Sound Alain Nicolet
Lumière Erhard Jacksch, Marcel Schüpbach
Editing Zoë Durouchoux
Stills Marie-Claire Paratte
Music François Gaudard


Gody, a young locksmith, blacksmith and artist, earns his living by making constructional parts in his modern workshop. His dream, however, is to create iron sculptures in an old, disused smithy he found. Together with other craftsmen, he reopens the smithy and produces his first artistic creation in the old-fashioned way.
Interviews and discussions with Gottfried Barth (Gody), with Albin Ankli, the son of the late village blacksmith, with Jean Christe, president of the heritage protection of the Jura, ADIJ, and Emile Gigon, a historian by passion, intersect the story and are illustrated by numerous shots of remains of smithies and mills of the Jura.