Mural painter of the Callejon Hammel, La Havanne, Cuba

Documentary film, 1998-15.31 minutes-Video, color

Original version: Spanish with French subtitles (without English subtitles)

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Scriptwriter and director     Lucienne Lanaz
Camera and Lighting     Alejandro Pérez
Sound     Willy Schild
Editing     Lucienne Lanaz
Postproduction     Yak Film GmbH
Coordination and translation      Noémi Favre
Musique ANACAONA, Conjunto Clave y Guaguancó

With the participation of Bertha Chaéon Anayá and Salvador Gonzalez Calona, his family, his friends and inhabitants of the neighbourhood.


Moments of reflection and colorful highlights of the Cuban mural painter SALVADOR, living in Havana.