Documentary film 16 mm, 22′, 1976, colour, magnetic sound

Original version: Swiss / dialect, with French or German subtitles

(without English subtitles)

Sale : JURA-FILMS “Contact” (Bonus of the film “A HOUSE UNLIKE ANY OTHER”)
Scriptwriter and director Lucienne Lanaz
Camera Pio Corradi
Executive producer Ernst Schillig
Sound Stanislav Hromadnik
Editing Lucienne Lanaz, Charles D. Fischer
Lightening Erhard Jacksch
Music François Gaudard
Stills Marie-Claire Paratte

With the kind participation of Fritz Marti and Paul Hagmann


Fritz Marti lives alone with his 14 cats in the only house in Grandval without electricity, running water or even a chimney. Lack of money made it impossible for him to learn a trade, and he now spends his time smoke-drying sausages and bacon in his kitchen for the local butchers. This is the last kitchen of its kind, and its eventual disappearance will mean the end of the special quality of hand-smoked-dried meat. Fritz Marti earns practically nothing, and the visits of the butchers are the only break in his monotonous life.