dona-anna-enfants“DONA ANNA”

Documentary film, 2003
61 minutes / 26 minutes
Video, color

Original version: Portuguese (without English subtitles)

Sale : JURA-FILMS “Contact” (60 minutes)

Scriptwriter and director Lucienne Lanaz
Collaboration Laurence Deonna
Camera Robert Millié, Willy Schild
Continuity assistant Zoë Durouchoux
Editing Lucienne Lanaz, Charles D. Fischer
Intendancy Margarida
Music Music Folklore brésilien
Translations from Portuguese Paula Brum
Graphics Fonction:Cinéma Genève
Postproduction TVF Genève, Zone 33 Berne

With the participation of Anne-Loïse Raboud and inhabitants of Saõ Miguel do Gostoso, Brazil.


Anne-Loïse Raboud, a nurse originating from the Valais, Switzerland, after having worked for 22 years at the cantonal university hospital in Geneva of which many years in intensive care, decides to use her professional experience to help the destitute in Saõ Miguel do Gostoso, a village in the State of Rio Grande do Norte, north-east Brazil. The villagers of Saõ Miguel do Gostoso call her “Dona Anna”.

Through her presence on the spot, home visits, treatment at the dispensary of Saõ Miguel do Gostoso, preventive care in the field of hygiene, health and environment, carried out in collaboration with all concerned: patients, pupils, parents, teachers, health services and political authorities. Anne-Loïse Raboud according to some Brazilian tourists who visit the Region has managed to turn Saõ Miguel do Gostoso into one of the cleanest places in Rio Grande do Norte State.