cauchemars-prospectNIGHTMARES… behind bars

Fiction film, 1995 – 12 minutes – Video, color

Original version French (without English subtitles)

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Director and editor Lucienne Lanaz
Idea / camera / co-edition Olivier Bernard
Screenplay Izet Lji mani, Alilou Aibda, Christian Dubrit, Sami Ghali, in collaboration with Lucienne Lanaz
Sound O.Bernard, M.Germini, G.Hamilton
Actors A.Aibda, Ch.Dubrit, J.-CI.Duquesnoy, S.Ghali, I.Ljimani, G.Detraz, M.Berset
Music Popol Lavanchy / Marc Champod
Coordination Eric Ouvrard
Postproduction Vidéographe Genève
Production EPO/ADCAP, CH-1350 Orbe, JURA-FILMS, CH-2745 Grandval


This film was conceived and shot from beginning to end by a few inmates at the men’s prison (EPO) in Orbe, Switzerland, with the help of Lucienne Lanaz. The inmates provided the director with their ideas for the screenplay, which came from their deepest concerns. This realization has enabled them to freely express themselves in an unusual way within a prison environment.