The Prize for Arts, Letters and Sciences 2017 of the Bernese Jura Council is awarded to Mrs Lucienne Lanaz as a reward for her commitment, the quality of her activities and the high level of her services. (Media)

With “CHILHOOD -A New Life in Les Petites Familles”, Lucienne Lanaz received one of 12 awards from the foundation “Creativity in the Third Age“.

lucienneJURA-FILMS is an independent film production house, founded in 1974 and headquartered in Grandval, in the Bernese Jura, Switzerland. JURA-FILMS produces, sells and distributes primarily documentaries made by Lucienne Lanaz itself creator and director of the company.

Nothing in the filmmaker’s education or training pointed to the future profession, which took complete hold of her. Lucienne Lanaz is the incarnation of awareness, simply through images straight from the heart without didacticism. To find more and satisfy your curiosity, click on Biography Lucienne Lanaz.